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Subaru Brings Back Hilarious Dog Commercials

Tuesday, 14 January, 2014

subaru-dog-tested-approved-commercials The Barkley family is the subject of the new Subaru 'Dog Tested, Dog Approved" commercials.

Subaru ‘Dog Tested, Dog Approved’ Commercials

Subaru always puts safety at the forefront of their designs, which make their vehicles some of the safest cars of 2014. There are a number of different systems that keep passengers protected at all times, but humans aren’t the manufacturer’s only concern, which is a claim that is backed by the hilarious new Subaru ‘Dog Tested, Dog Approved’ commercials.

The dog commercial campaign kicked off a little less than a year ago, and though new ads haven't come out for a while, Subaru recently released five brand new commercials, and they are definitely worth checking out. The new batch of ads features members of the “Barkley” family in a variety of situations that play out in their Subaru vehicles. Situations include wrapping up a date, getting stuck behind a slow-driving old dog, passing a mail truck and stopping at a convenience store.

The ads are a clever way of showing Subaru’s dedication to keeping pets protected. The manufacturer recently ran its own batch of tests on dog restraints in cars, and the results were unbelievably surprising. Subaru found a 100% failure rate in all vehicle dog restraints including harnesses, crates and kennels.

In order to pass the test, both the dog and human had to be protected in the accident, but not a single tested restraint was able to do so. All of the tested tethers, which are believed to be the safest dog restraints available, snapped in the accident and turned the dog into an extremely dangerous projectile.

Tethers can help to keep your dog from distracting you while you drive, but in the event of an accident they are completely useless. After such surprising results, Subaru is likely to research and develop new systems to turn those results around, but it could be some time before that happens.

To find out more about the dog restraint systems in Subaru vehicles, be sure to check back here on the Briggs Subaru blog where we will have more information as it becomes available. Until then, be sure to check out the new Subaru ‘Dog Tested, Dog Approved’ commercials below. We have a feeling you will enjoy them.






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